Archive for the Week of November 3, 2006

Archive for the Week of November 3, 2006

Welcome to the medical billing blog archive for the week of November 3, 2006.

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Are You Submitting Your DME Claims to the Right Region?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are making improvements in their durable medical equipment handling of medical billing departments. Very soon, they plan on implementing new Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier (DMERC) responsibilities. The durable medical equipment changes are designed to improve costs, quality of care, and medical billing efficiency. The medical billing regions A and D will replace their DMERCs with Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Affiliated Contractors (DME MACs). This department will handle all the medical billing, and day to day operations such as customer service. A second program, called Program Safeguard Contractors (PSCs) will have the responsibilities of handling any medical billing fraud cases and reviews for

Medical Billing for B-12 Injections

Have you updated your methods for billing for B-12 injections? To eliminate potential medical billing problems, there are five steps to follow to ensure smooth B-12 reimbursement. The first medical billing step is to replace the injection administration codes for the B-12. These codes include the current procedural terminology codes 90782, 90788, and G0351. These medical billing codes were deleted from the 2006 CPT list. The new policy is to use one CPT for the injection: 90772 (Therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic injection; subcutaneous or intramuscularly). The second step when doing medical billing for B-12 is to make sure a family physician is present during the entire administration. The medical billing

Getting The Best Myomectomy Medical Billing Reimbursements

If you work in the billing department of a gynecologist’s office, myomectomy coding won’t be unknown to you, but in order to reap the maximum benefits of this procedure, there are a few key components you should keep in mind when doing medical billing for a myomectomy procedure. First of all, there are two major ways to perform a myomectomy: open and laparoscopic. Likewise, there are two sets of current procedural terminology codes that are acceptable to use for myomectomies in medical billing. If you perform a laparoscopic myomectomy, you should either use the medical billing code 58545 (Laparoscopy surgical, myomectomy, excision; 1 to 4 intramural myomas with total weight

Medical Billing Reimbursements Will Increase for Home Care

Many states will be reaping the rewards of increased home care medical billing reimbursements, due to an experiement currently going on in a few states. A few states, such as Wisconsin and Missouri, have been working to come up with a solution for this big expense. Improved medical billing reimbursement and funding may be the answer to improving home care. Wisconsin is one of the few states implementing a program called the Family Care program. This provides assistance for low income senior citizens and disabled people for long term care. These folks already feel the hardship of medical billing costs. The program is designed to ease some of those expenses

Is The Same Day Admission and Discharge Myth Costing You Money?

There is a long held myth in the medical billing community that you can’t bill for an admission and discharge on the same day. However, the truth of the matter is that you can generally bill for a discharge from one facility and an admission to another, as long as the same physician is present for both events. This means that the attending physician will leave one facility and go to the next facility. This is a common occurence with transfers between rehab or psych facilities, or a transfer from a hospital to a nursing home. The dilemma is that since you cannot transfer the patient’s chart from one facility

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