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Medical Billing Reimbursements Will Increase for Home Care

Medical Billing Reimbursements Will Increase for Home Care

Many states will be reaping the rewards of increased home care medical billing reimbursements, due to an experiement currently going on in a few states. A few states, such as Wisconsin and Missouri, have been working to come up with a solution for this big expense. Improved medical billing reimbursement and funding may be the answer to improving home care.

Wisconsin is one of the few states implementing a program called the Family Care program. This provides assistance for low income senior citizens and disabled people for long term care. These folks already feel the hardship of medical billing costs. The program is designed to ease some of those expenses for them now and in the future. Currently, the Family Care program is active in five Wisconsin counties on a trial basis. However, governor Jim Doyle will propose for this program to be expanded for the entire state. It would benefit everyone because it lowers the need for nursing homes and nursing home medical billing. Families have more money and patients have more freedom.

Another great home care change has taken place in Missouri. The governor, Matt Blunt, announced that he wants to increase the pay for home care providers by $1 an hour. This would help ease medical billing expenses immensely. It would also aid in drawing more home care workers and lessen the need for nursing home care.

If your practice or facility has a hard time coping with the frequent changes in the medical billing changes in the industry, you can make sure you’re realizing the optimum reimbursements by utilizing the services of a medical billing partner. If you’re not already outsourcing, look into the benefits today.

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