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Get Your Inpatient Medical Billing Reimbursed Better

Get Your Inpatient Medical Billing Reimbursed Better

Ob-gyn patients present a lot of unique problems for medical billing. In the case of a pregnancy, the condition usually won’t have a long historical documentation. There isn’t a certain number of inpatient admission days for delivery patients that can be billing globally as each delivery is unique.

You did to ascertain if the patient developed complications and also if the ob-gyn is also the treating physician or only making rounds with the patient. You will need to separate out the claim for some carriers accordingly. That will narrow down if you need to bill this claim globally or not. In the case that the patient is not admitted for delivery but rather a complication, you can bill for care up to the day before delivery, but everything after that you should include in the global.

At this time, CPT still considers an admission part of the global period, many payers will deny the hospital admission if she delivers during this admission — even if she was admitted for a complication. Check the guidelines from your payer to see exactly what they will pay for before you bill. A little research on your part will ensure that your medical billing claims receive maximum reimbursement.

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