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How Private Is Outsourcing Your Medical Billing?

How Private Is Outsourcing Your Medical Billing?

Confidentiality is a big concern in every corner of the medical community. Now that you’ve done your homework, you know outsourcing your medical billing is good for your practice and good for your staff. You know Electronic Claims Filing is the best way to file your medical billing claims, but you have concerns about exactly how private sending your medical billing out of your office to a third party might be.

Privacy and security have become major issues for those in the medical profession and for the companies that handle your medical billing and coding. Rest assured, your claims are handled in complete confidence and your patient’s privacy is secured through HIPAA compliant software. The transmissions are done via 128 bit secure encrypted data transfers, much like how your online banking transactions are handled.

Upholding your patients’ privacy and giving you the greatest security when you transmit your data is our goal. The privacy of your practice and your patients is equally as important to us as it is to you. We use the highest in secure systems transmissions to insure the highest level of confidence between ourselves and our clients.

The data is stored in a secure manner and gives you and your staff the ease of finding out the status of any claim with your secure log in and the click of a mouse or as always our medical billing staff is available via telephone. If you have a question or concern regarding your medical billing and coding, just ask us!

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