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The Basics of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing?

The Basics of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing?

If you’re wondering how your medical billing gets to the outsourcing company, the answer is carefully and securely. The patients are seen as usual in your office, your staff creates the records for billing just as they always did. If you are still using paper files your claims will need to be scanned and hand entered into the medical billing system, if you transmit electronically your staff will need to only access the program and transmit the chosen claims to be processed by the medical billing company.

The data will be transmitted to the medical billing company who will code and double check your medical billing claims to insure they are error free and then transmit them either directly to the carrier or to a clearinghouse. A clearinghouse is just a another check and balance in the system of medical billing.

Your claims are formatted in a standard way so they can be transmitted to the various carriers. Once received, the carriers will normally send back a verification of receipt for the electronic claim filing, and then you can begin the countdown until your medical billing claim is reimbursed and you have a check in your office. Normal time until reimbursement is about 2 weeks and in some cases even less.

The simple act of outsourcing your medical billing claims will free up your staff to do so much more within your practice. If they are free from entering, checking and double checking and following up on claims, they can do what they do best – service your patients and help you practice grow and thrive. If there are problems or issues with a particular medical billing claim, your medical billing partner will handle any denials or partial payments.

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