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Nurses Help Hospital Medical Billing Bottom Lines

Nurses Help Hospital Medical Billing Bottom Lines

Published by: Kathryn Etienne, CCS-P on February 16, 2007

You already knew that nurses were important to your patient’s health care, but did you know they also help your medical billing reimbursement bottom line? Although there would be increased hours for the nurses, it would not mean more medical billing cost to you. Extra nurse hours would mean improved medical billing reimbursement for your hospital.

A recent study done shows that a nurse care could reduce patient deaths by 6700 per year. Not only would patient deaths decrease per year, but the number of hospital days would decrease by 4 million as well. You may think that less hospital days would mean less medical billing reimbursement. However, that is incorrect. The fewer days spent in a hospital means less costs to the facility itself. It also means the hospital would be able to service more patients per year and acquire more medical billing reimbursement from each patient.

Another way your hospital can save money is to outsource your medical billing responsibilities. This is one of the best ways to reduce costs . Outsourcing medical billing means you don’t have to hire your own staff to do those jobs. This would mean a reduction in salary payments, vacation pay, and sick leave. It would also mean you would not be responsible to train your medical billing staff. That would be left up to the medical billing firm.

Medical billing firms not only save you money, but they can improve the accuracy of your claims and reimbursement rates as well. They have highly skilled employees that check and double-check their work. They also have computer systems and software that check for errors before the claims are submitted to payers. Increased registered nurse hours, and medical billing firms can help your hospital improve your bottom line.

Published by: on February 16, 2007

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