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Proper Coding Procedures For A Twin Delivery

Proper Coding Procedures For A Twin Delivery

There are all sorts of different procedures that can apply to one pregnancy where twin babies are involved. Because of the nature of delivery, often times you could have an obstetrician delivering the second baby via cesarean section while the first one was able to come out alright during a vaginal birth. When the situations can be so different each and every time for various patients, it is very important that you be sure to choose the proper codes. This can be a much easier process that you may think of at first. As long as you keep all of the procedures in mind, you should end up with the proper codes.

If you have a situation such as the one mentioned above, you will want to have one code for each live birth. The baby that was able to be delivered naturally will have a code of 59409-51, and then the second baby will have a code of 59510. When both babies are in need of cesarean deliveries, you will have only one code in play. The code for twins or even more babies delivered during only one cesarean section will carry a code of 59510-22.

You could even end up having a situation where the multiples are actually born on different days due to mother nature taking her course. In this case, you will end up having two separate deliveries coded. If you find that you get a denial for the second delivery that is listed, you can always go through the appeal process, which generally straightens everything out.

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