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Oh, Those Feelings of Rejection!

Oh, Those Feelings of Rejection!

When your medical billing claims get rejected, one claim can put your staff behind on everything they are supposed to be doing.

The patient’s folder will have to be pulled, the notes will have to be re-read and researched, the claim will have to be compiled again and the coding will need to be double checked again to make sure you are using the latest codings and modifiers for the claim. In some cases the carrier will need to be contacted which is more time lost from servicing your practice and the claim will have to be submitted once again and the will take more time away from your day to day servicing of patients.

If you’re ready to get rid of the hassles that a rejected claim or multiple claims can cause, it might be time to consider outsourcing your medical billing claims to a third party partner that can get your claims submitted, double check your billing and get your reimbursements.

The beautiful thing about outsourcing your medical billing claims is the average return rate due to errors is less than 1%. Plus you’ll see up to 25% of your reimbursements increased due to your claims being handled in an efficient manner. Best of all, your staff will be free to help you run your practice instead of chasing paperwork for medical billing claims.

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