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The Answer For a Busy Staff

The Answer For a Busy Staff

Very little can compare to how busy a doctor’s office can get. Besides the patients that you have scheduled, your staff will also have to handle endless phone calls, questions from patients and potential patients, patients without appointments that simply walk in and emergency and urgent care situations that require other patients be re-scheduled so an urgent matter can be performed.

Along with the patient care and servicing come the day-to-day office duties that include coding your medical billing claims correctly, keeping up with the CPT codes, knowing which modifiers to attach to which claims, making sure that your practice is credentialed to be servicing patients that have other insurances, and following up on the claims to make sure they are reimbursed by the carriers in a timely manner.

Imagine if you could free up your staff from chasing medical billing claims to directing that time to better servicing patients. It would eliminate the need to have the big paper chase going on in your office and allow each and every patient to get the attention they deserve. The result will be a less hurried staff and happier patients.

It might be time to consider outsourcing your medical billing claims. When you enlist the services of a third party partner, you get the piece of mind knowing that your claims are being handled and they can also handle your credentialing needs. If you’ve been wondering how to alleviate some of the workload off your already busy staff – consider outsourcing as a good answer!

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