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Switching to Outsourcing Made Painless

Switching to Outsourcing Made Painless

Most practices start out very small and usually with just a doctor and one other person. Between yourself and the other person, you answer phones, greet patients and grow your practice and soon you may find that you need help keeping up with your medical billing claims.

Many doctors start expanding their staff at this point, hiring assistants and office personnel to handle the additional workload that happens as the practice continues to grow. And then new fees are added to your overhead in the form of additional salaries to pay, unemployment and state and federal taxes.

This is when many physicians begin thinking about outsourcing and for the majority of practices its the best thing to do as you can realize almost immediate benefits from outsourcing.
If you’ve been hesitant about outsourcing your medical billing because you aren’t sure it would actually help your practice, this one fact alone should make you see how good medical billing can be for your practice; medical billing claims filed electronically by a professional agency see reimbursement on the average within 2-weeks. If you are still filing your own claims, you are typically waiting up to 30-days for your reimbursements.

Getting your claims paid by the carriers sooner will help your practice realize a greater cash flow and additionally, a medical billing company is trained to get you maximum reimbursement on your medical billing claims and if you are denied payment, it’s their job to find out why, correct the situation and get your medical billing claim paid. This is something your staff may not have the training or time to do.

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