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Why Outsource Medical Billing Claims?

Why Outsource Medical Billing Claims?

Admit it, you’ve considered outsourcing your medical billing claims and then pushed that thought away because you thought that you would have to do too much rearranging in the way your claims were handled and you do not want to slow your reimbursement revenue flow to a trickle during a transition process.

If you could seamlessly switch your medical billing claims to an outside firm without disrupting your cash flow for your practice would you be a little more relaxed about making a switch? It can be done easily if you do a graduated switch. An easy way to switch your medical billing claims to outsourcing is to simply start switching a small number of claims over a 2 week period and you will begin to see a turnaround on your reimbursement revenue within that period and you will have a revenue flow that you can count on coming in and switch the rest of your medical billing claims with confidence.

A happy discovery you’re likely to make is that your claims will be processed and reimbursed in roughly half the time with the maximum return possible. It is almost impossible for a regular practice to keep up with exactly the criteria for both Medicare and insurance companies want on their medical billing claims. An unhappy discovery many physicians make is the fact they have been missing valuable reimbursements on their medical billing claims because their staff simply didn’t know the best way to file the medical billing claim. It’s not the fault of your staff, it is difficult to keep up with the changes the CPT will make several times a year and each change will affect numerous values reflected in medical billing claims.

Free up your staff and discover up to 25% of your reimbursement income reclaimed by outsourcing your medical billing claims – you’ll find working smart definitely has its rewards.

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