Archive for The Month of October, 2008

Archive for the Month of October, 2008

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Missouri Will No Longer Pay for DME Expenses

Missouri Will No Longer Pay for Medical Billing DME Expenses Recently America was shocked when Missouri was granted the right to refuse durable medical equipment Medicaid payment. This medical billing news has started much controversy and media attention. Simply put, a federal judge in Missouri advised that the state no longer has to pay for durable medical equipment like wheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds, and catheter tubes for individuals on Medicaid. There are three situations in which the state is still required to pay for these items: if they are pregnant, in a nursing home, or blind. There has been much controversy over this medical billing issue. As a matter

Radiology Claims Are On The Rise, Are You Ready?

Radiology Claims Are On The Rise, Are You Ready? Radiology claims have become more abundant when performing medical billing. Sometimes evaluation and management radiology claims can get confusing. It is important to understand the correct medical billing practices in order to ensure your practice’s correct reimbursement. Radiologists can perform several types of services. One of these services is an evaluation and management session. When doing medical billing for a radiologist it is important to make sure a session meets three categories before coding it as evaluation and management session. The three categories are: request, render, and report. The first necessary element for a radiologist E/M visit is a formal request

Medical Billing for 92552 And You

Medical Billing for 92552 And You Performing medical billing for current procedural terminology code 92552 can be difficult to distinguish from 92551. These hearing tests are similar, but there are slight differences. When billing for these medical hearing tests, it is important to match chart notes with CPT codes. The medical billing CPT code 92552 means pure tone audiometry; air only. This is a hearing test that a physician uses when testing the limits of intensity for each frequency heard. This means, for each pitch, high or low, the physician sees what the patient can hear at the lowest intensity possible. When doing medical billing for this procedure, one must

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