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Medical Billing for 92552 And You

Medical Billing for 92552 And You

Medical Billing for 92552 And You

Performing medical billing for current procedural terminology code 92552 can be difficult to distinguish from 92551. These hearing tests are similar, but there are slight differences. When billing for these medical hearing tests, it is important to match chart notes with CPT codes.

The medical billing CPT code 92552 means pure tone audiometry; air only. This is a hearing test that a physician uses when testing the limits of intensity for each frequency heard. This means, for each pitch, high or low, the physician sees what the patient can hear at the lowest intensity possible. When doing medical billing for this procedure, one must be sure the chart notes show different intensities documented. This is the tell tale sign that a 92552 has been performed.

The medical billing CPT code 92551 means screening test, pure tone, air only. This test is done by physicians to determine what pitches a patient is able to hear at one single intensity. That means the loudness will always stay the same, but the pitches will change.

The difference between 92551 and 92552 is slight, but very important when doing medical billing. 92552 changes both intensity and frequency while 92551 only changes frequency while the intensity stays the same.

Billing for the medical code 92552 when a 92551 was performed is fraudulent whether you realize it or not. 92552 is a slightly more complicated test which gets reimbursed slightly more money. It is important to have medical billers that know what they are doing. The failure to report the correct medical billing CPT code is illegal. Outside medical billing firms know how to uphold your practice with honesty and integrity.

The differences between CPT codes 92551 and 92552 are very easy understand once you fully grasp the concept. Medical billing firm employees have already grasped that concept and are ready to help your practice succeed.

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