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Watch Out for New Medical Billing DNA Test

Watch Out for New Medical Billing DNA Test

Keeping current with your medical billing codes could help your lab succeed. New tests and lab works are developed each and every year. Some of these new tests have a positive impact on your medical billing, while others have no impact at all. A new test call Fluorescence Chain Reaction (FCR) may have an extremely positive impact on your medical billing.

Fluorescence Chain Reaction is a brand new lab test that checks human DNA. The amazing aspect of this test is the short amount of time needed to retrieve results. This method takes less than five minutes to produce accurate information.

Although insurance payers may be more familiar with the old DNA medical billing, this new procedure is growing in popularity. In the past, medical billing was submitted for a DNA test that required DNA amplification. This amplification is a highly complex process and requires skilled technicians. With Fluorescence Chain Reaction, this is not the case.

Be sure the medical billing for your lab has the most current coding information available. When choosing the right medical billing code, you should always choose the specific code that describes your service. Never choose a medical billing code that just sort of describes the service. Sometimes with new procedures there is not yet a medical billing code assigned. In that case, always use an unlisted procedure code and attach clinic notes.

The benefit of using the Fluorescence Chain Reaction test not only decreases wait time for results, but also for medical billing reimbursement. The quicker you get results, the quicker you can get paid for those results. Also, physicians will be more likely to refer patients to your lab if your results come back quickly. Medical billing for everyone improves with new technology and innovative procedures.

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