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Bill One or Bill Twice for 97001/97002?

Bill One or Bill Twice for 97001/97002?

Patient evaluation codings can be very confusing. The patient initial evaluation code is 97001 (also, 97003, 92506, 92610) however if the patient is reevaluated (97002- patient reevaluation) within a 12 month period only one unit of service may be billed to Medicare Part B patients no matter how much time was spent actually servicing the patient.

If you make a mistake and bill the carrier for the evaluation and a unit of service for the reevaluation, your claim will be denied based on incorrect coding no matter how much medical documentation you provide showing the necessity of the reevaluation of the patient.

Keeping up with the fast paced changes of the medical billing industry are what your medical billing partner does best! They stay on top of the current changes as well as the coming coding changes that will directly affect your practice so your staff knows the proper codings to use for patient services rendered and when to begin using them.

Your medical billing partner can also help you eliminate errors in your medical billing by knowing the correct way to use the codes and bundle claims to get your practice the maximum returns allowed on your medical billing claims.

Outsourcing is just smart business. Your error rate will fall on the average from nearly 30% of your medical billing claims to less than 1% and your claims will also be reimbursed nearly 2 weeks faster than self-filed medical billing claims.

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