Archive for The Month of March, 2018

Archive for the Month of March, 2018

Welcome to the medical billing blog archive for the month of March, 2018.

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Increasing EHR use of problem lists among clinicians can save money

Healthcare organizations, policymakers, and health IT developers can take steps to increase clinician EHR use of problem lists for improved health outcomes and clinical efficiency, according to researchers from the University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics and Intermountain Healthcare. Hodge et al. conducted a systematic literary review of 848 full-text articles and included 110 articles in a thematic analysis to gain broad insights into the characteristics that define a useful EHR problem list, as well as the myriad factors that contribute to its success as a resource. Ultimately, researchers determined there is a need to improve problem lists in ways that encourage increased utilization by clinicians. “There is also

By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P, RT - CEO
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RCM tip: Use an automated solution to tackle claim denials

As healthcare organizations continue to struggle with claim denials, an automated solution can help limit the issue, according to Kevin Lathrop, president of TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant company. Mr. Lathrop shared the following tip with Becker’s Hospital Review. “One way to keep denials from happening in the future is by stepping away from the manual processing that takes place at a computer terminal, and replacing it with an automated claims and denials system. An automated system has the benefit of knowing payer codes. Treatment codes change over time and must be kept up-to-date. Keeping track of them by hand is difficult and time-consuming, but an automated solution has the

By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P, RT - CEO
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Trump Admin Shares Vision for Patient-Centered Health System

The Trump administration, led by Jared Kushner, director of the Office of American Innovation, and Seema Verma, administrator of CMS, spoke about its plans to put data in the hands of patients at the annual Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The administration announced its new initiative, MyHealthEData, which aims to break down the barriers preventing patients from accessing and controlling their medical records. “Patients should have access and control to share their data with whoever they want, making the patient the center of the health care system,” Verma says. Part of MyHealthEData will include the revival of the Medicare Blue Button initiative,

By: Melissa Clark, CCS-P, RT - CEO
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