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Increasing EHR use of problem lists among clinicians can save money

Increasing EHR use of problem lists among clinicians can save money

Healthcare organizations, policymakers, and health IT developers can take steps to increase clinician EHR use of problem lists for improved health outcomes and clinical efficiency, according to researchers from the University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics and Intermountain Healthcare.

Hodge et al. conducted a systematic literary review of 848 full-text articles and included 110 articles in a thematic analysis to gain broad insights into the characteristics that define a useful EHR problem list, as well as the myriad factors that contribute to its success as a resource.

Ultimately, researchers determined there is a need to improve problem lists in ways that encourage increased utilization by clinicians.

“There is also a need for standard measurements of the problem list, so that lists can be measured, compared, and discussed with rigor and a common vocabulary,” wrote researchers in the JAMIA report.

Though potentially useful, the demands of EHR clinical documentation and mounting administrative burden have led to inaccurate, vague, incomplete, and outdated EHR problem lists.

“Thirty to 50 percent of the time, important chronic conditions are omitted from a patient’s problem list,” noted researchers. “This may be due to disagreement about what actually belongs on a problem list. Governing bodies do not agree on an accepted definition of the problem list, leaving the decision to individual clinicians.” …


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