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Medical Billers & Coders Needed, Nationally

Medical Billers & Coders Needed, Nationally

Yes! Yes! Yes! There is a massive need for medical personnel, especially those qualified to not only submit claims, but also for those with the ability to code them for submission to insurance carriers.I’ve seen the statistics that show the growth in the now ‘baby boom’ population, which now and for the next ten years show a need for the biller and the coder. I’ve seen the increase in job want ads for billers and coders in all the big newspapers, as well as on the internet.

And lastly, i’ve gotten the continuous phone calls from friends, industry contacts and medical facilities asking for my help in filling the biller/coder void, currently being experienced at the various institutions.This was not more noticeable that on my recent trip to Georgia, the peachtree state. On this short trip, stopping through Fulton County, atlanta, Mariatta, Cobb county, Henry county and McDonough Georgia, i realized that there isn’t only a shortage of medical personnel, but there is an urgent need for them as well.

Billboards advertised facilities and job openings. Medical jobs were advertised on posters, flyers and on television. Medical facilities are seeking medical employees everywhere and in every way possible… because they have to.To get an up close and personal look at the crisis, i decided to take it upon myself to walk into some of the medical facilities, including Henry Medical Center and atlanta Medical Center. At these and other facilities the growing question is where are the good billers and coders and when can we get them to come work for us?

The medical industry has been offering sign on bonuses and attractive benefit packages in order to attract personnel. Bonuses range from $1500.00 to $7500.00, depending on the position and in some cases the number is even higher. This, i must say, coupled with good starting salaries, make for a very appealing offers.I purchased the atlanta Journal Constitution, a major newspaper of the state because i wanted to look at the volume of medical ads it contained. As expected, the Sunday edition of the journal did not dissappoint. The need for medical personnel was displayed across column after column and went on for pages and pages and pages.For more information on these jobs, log on to

Billers and Coders, you are in high demand. Learn, perfect and stay abreast of your craft, then stay in your state and carve out a good living for your self. if you are eager to test the market, pack your bags, say good-bye to your loved ones and travel; to your favorite state. I can almost guarantee, there is a place out there where your skills as a biller or coder are very necessary.

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