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Captain Integrity & The Medical Billing Community

Captain Integrity & The Medical Billing Community

Captain Integrity – Superhero For The Medical Billing Community And More!

Medical billing compliance has never been more fun. A brand new compliance program called Captain Integrity is getting some positive attention. Medical billing fraud is wrong and Captain Integrity is here to save the day.

With medical billing fraud on the rise, a new compliance brand name was in order. The intention of the Captain Integrity program is to put a positive spin on compliance that all employees will enjoy. Many people look at compliance as a negative thing. Captain Integrity wants to change that. Everyone from office personnel to actual physicians can get involved in this medical billing compliance program.

Captain Integrity is an educational resource that teaches employees to do in certain billing situations that could be medical fraud. It uses fun picture strips to instruct personnel in these different scenarios. Many topics are included in the Captain Integrity program: Medical billing, HIPAA, drug representative interaction, etc.

Usually these picture strips can be dispersed to medical billing and other employees by newsletters. The messages have an educational message with a fun twist they will enjoy reading.

Fraud and noncompliance are serious issues that cause Insurance companies and Americans billions of dollars each and every year. The medical billing tasks should be done by honest personnel that know how to spot a fraud situation. Captain Integrity will help your employees be able to detect when a possible fraudulent medical billing has taken place.

Medical billing firms are also very experienced with these situations. They are able to detect and prevent fraud before it becomes a problem. This will save your practice money and uphold the integrity you were meant to have.

Fraudulent individuals will soon be uncovered. The new compliance program, Captain Integrity is revolutionizing the medical billing world.

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