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Medical Billing For Types Of Medicare.

Medical Billing For Types Of Medicare.

Medical Billing For Types Of Medicare.

Medicare can be tricky to submit medical billing claims to. They require each and every line regarding procedures performs to be documented and noted on the medical billing form prior to submission.

Failure to do so can get your Medicare medical billing claims only partially paid or worse outright rejected, and rejected medical billing claims not only stop your revenue flow back into your practice, it also ties up your staff with the duties of pulling patient files, checking the forms, refiling the medical billing forms, double checking the file to make sure everything is documented and then re-submitting the claim to Medicare.

Another reason that Medicare claims are rejected is due to the incorrect type of Medicare claim being filed on the medical billing claim. An easy way to differentiate between types of Medicare coverage is the number that is after the patient’s name on the Medicare care. There can be a number of different letters but the most common are A, B and D.

The letter A means you are receiving your own Social Security benefits. It generally indicates that you worked at least 10 years and paid Medicare taxes during that time.

The letter B means that you are receiving Medicare benefits because your spouse is the one who worked at least 10 years and paid Medicare taxes.

The letter D indicates the working spouse is now deceased, but you are still entitled to Medicare benefits since the spouse met the Medicare requirements.

Your medical billing partner can take care of all these headaches for you and make sure your medical billing claims to Medicare are filed right the first time they are submitted getting you maximum reimbursements on your medical billing claims.

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