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New HCPCS Coding Changes Include New Categories

New HCPCS Coding Changes Include New Categories

New HCPCS Coding Changes Include New Categories

The times are changing for medical billing codes. There have been changes to the Healthcare Common Procedural Codes System which include new medical billing codes and completely different categories.

On October first there are several new medical billing codes your practice should get familiar with. The main difference with the Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System is the new release of low-vision rehabilitation service codes. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released these codes (G9041-G9044). They are based on 15-minute intervals and have different codes depending on what kind of therapist does the service. Also included in the medical billing codes are many supplies for ventricular assist devices. These medical billing codes range from Q0480-Q0505 and include drivers, battery clips, leads, and control devices.

Although this is an abnormally large change in the medical billing world, it is not unheard of. Medical billing is already a complicated process that takes a lot of skill, and unfortunately constant changes in the industry make it all that much more difficult. Hiring an outside medical billing firm to handle your billing responsibilities has several benefits.

One benefit of outsourcing your medical billing is less pay in salary, health benefits, and vacation pay for your employees. This is because you will not need to employ people to do medical billing any longer. It would all be done by the medical billing firm.

Another benefit is the claim accuracy. Medical billing firms has personnel that are highly trained in the claims procedures. They are the first to know about changes and can quickly adapt. They also have special software that can automatically correct claims before they are sent off with errors.

With so many changes in the medical billing world, outsourcing your billing may be the easiest option.

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