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Hurricane Katrina’s Victims EMRs Go Online

Hurricane Katrina’s Victims EMRs Go Online

Hurricane Katrina’s Victims EMRs Go Online

Hurricane Katrina has helped launch medical billing into the 21st century. Since over 800,000 people were evacuated from the Gulf Coast after the huge disaster, the government had to figure out a way that medical records could be accessed by medical facilities. The solution to the problem was an online system with medical billing EMRs available to all health officials.

To assist the eight shelters in helping evacuees, this online system was developed. It took 10 days to set up, but is now operating in full swing. There is currently medical billing information from pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, and other types of providers loaded into the system. This system could have information from the types of medications people take, to what types of allergies the patients may have.

In some situations it is imperative to have this type of medical billing information. Some children were found without parents. They might not know what types of allergies they possess. Also, some of the elderly cannot properly communicate the types of medications they take. This new online Electronic Medical Records database will help save some of these lives.

After the destruction of Hurricane Katrina is a thing of the past, people believe there will be a debate about whether or not to enhance the EMR database. This medical billing database could potentially revolutionize the healthcare industry. It could make all healthcare networks interact and share information in a much more efficient manner.

There is nothing good about the destruction Hurricane Katrina caused. However, with every obstacle presented to us, we must find some light. The online EMR database will be a tool that can help many people for years to come. The new online Electronic Medical Records database has revolutionized the future of medical billing in America.

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