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OB-Gyn Medical Billing – Bundling OB-Gyn Claims

OB-Gyn Medical Billing – Bundling OB-Gyn Claims

OB-Gyn Medical Billing – Bundling OB-Gyn Claims

In medical billing, there are many Ob-Gyn codes that should be bundled, while others should not be bundled. The current procedural codes 58720 and 57283 frequently bring up this bundling question in medical billing. It is important to know when to bundling certain Ob-Gyn medical billing codes and when to bill them separately.

The current procedural terminology code 58720 (Salpingo oophorectomy, complete or partial, unilateral or bilateral) can be billed completely separately from a colpopexy (57283). This means that if your physician does both of these services at the same time, you can do medical billing for both procedures. There is no bundling. Separate reimbursement can be made.

An instance when bundling is used in medical billing for a colpopexy is when a 58263 (vaginal hysterectomy, for uterus 250 grams or less; with removal of tubes, and/or ovary, with repair of enterocele). The reason bundling medical billing is used in this case is because of the hysterectomy. The hysterectomy is the deciding factor in bundling colpopexy services. Without the hysterectomy, the services could be billed separately.

Deciding whether or not a current procedural terminology code should be bundled in medical billing can become a headache. To remove the headache from your medical practice, hire a medical billing firm. They know exactly when services should be bundled and when they should not be bundled. Medical billing firms can save your practice time, money, and stress.

The less time your own staff spend on claims processing, the more time they have for individual patient care. One-on-one time with patients creates loyalty to your practice. Medical billing is an unneeded hassle your OB-Gyn practice no longer has to endure. Medical billing firms will keep your bundling and non-bundling codes straight and they will improve your bottom line as well.

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