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Rehab Services Turn to Free Clinic Medical Billing

Rehab Services Turn to Free Clinic Medical Billing

Rehab Services Turn to Free Clinic Medical Billing

North Carolina is seeing a switch over to free clinic medical billing. Health insurance is on the rise in America. Although health insurance costs may be rising, that does not mean salaries are rising in a parallel fashion. More and more Americans are turning towards free clinics for medical care. In future years we may see more free rehab services popping up on the medical billing scene.

The Associated Press online estimates that there are 46 million Americans uninsured today. That would explain why there are over 2000 free clinics in the country. Together, these clinics service over $3 billion in eligible medical billing expenses. Unfortunately, this $3 billion in the eligible medical billing expenses cannot be claimed to insurance companies for reimbursement because they are for uninsured patients.

Uninsured Americans are just like insured Americans. Preventive care is the best type of care when referring to health and when referring to cost. North Carolina has a clinic called the Moore Free Care Clinic. This clinic does not survive on medical billing reimbursement. They are solely dependent on donations from the community, volunteers, and grants. Recently, the Moore Free Care Clinic began a physical therapy class for uninsured patients with back pain. Not receiving medical billing reimbursement for physical therapy is much better than not receiving medical billing reimbursement for back surgery. The Moore Free Care Clinic is trying to be proactive with its injured patients.

North Carolina and its citizens realize that everyone deserves health care. Medical treatment is not only for those who can afford medical billing expenses. The Moore Free Care Clinic Is a revolutionary clinic that will hopefully be infectious around the country. Sometimes, all we think about is the bottom line, but medical billing should not be our main concern.

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