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Correct Coding=Ob-Gyn Medical Billing Claims Paid

Correct Coding=Ob-Gyn Medical Billing Claims Paid

Recent studies showed a large number of errors in the medical billing claims submitted for patients suffering from eclampsia and preeclampsia. Because multiple procedures are common with ob-gyn patients, billing errors happen frequently.

The number one reason for coding error is usually due to a physician being rushed and missing a procedure that should have been billed. Most staff in a physician’s office are trained to handle patients, not make sure each and every line on a medical billing form is filled in correctly and with a logical flow of services. This means many doctors are not receiving the maximum reimbursements for the services they perform for their patients and this directly affects their cash flow.

It is important when diagnosing a patient to document all pertinent information in the medical record. Each procedure must have a medical necessity and there needs to be an identifiable flow of services. A professional medical billing company is trained to catch errors before the claims are submitted and also to pick up on procedures that may have been missed when the physician was creating the medical billing. Vagueness of services and descriptions that are too general all contribute to medical billing errors.

Coding and medical billing are two processes that cannot be guessed and being too general or vague won’t get your claims reimbursed. Partner with a medical billing company and get the maximum reimbursement on your Ob-Gyn claims.

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