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Extensive Documentation for Chiropractors and Podiatrists

Extensive Documentation for Chiropractors and Podiatrists

Medicare is recommending that chiropractors and podiatrists claims get extra-close scrutiny in their latest issue of the Red Book, which has recommendations for saving Medicare and other federally funded programs money.

There will be more stringent requirements for chiropractors to meet for certain procedures and debridement services performed by podiatrists will be getting looked at very closely.

If you perform these services or your are a medical billing company that does, check and double check your medical billing for the proper documentation before filing your claims to avoid delays in reimbursements or outright rejections of your medical billing claims. The modifiers used on these claims will be getting extra close scrutiny. Make sure you are descriptive in your medical billing as possible and don’t just use the maintenance visit coding on your medical billing claims, that is sure to raise a red flag and get your claim denied. Make sure to document all procedures done on your medical billing claim that can add up to the necessity of all procedures performed, this gives the whole picture to the carrier and will result in full reimbursement of your medical billing claims.

The current estimate in the Red Book is Medicare could save nearly $285-million dollars per year if chiropractic procedures such as maintenance services, were no longer covered by Medicare. Over $186-million dollars were paid out to chiropractors in previous years for non-covered maintenance services performed.

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