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If You’re Considering Hiring a Medical Billing Consultant

If You’re Considering Hiring a Medical Billing Consultant

Physicians who need help managing billing in their offices may want to consider a company that specializes in medical billing consulting. Medical billing services help doctors get paid from insurance companies. But medical billing consultants often go a step further, and help doctors manage all their finances, from billing, to accounts receivable, to collections.

Some medical billing consulting services work on-site as part of the practice management team. Others work off-site and only come into the office as needed to analyze what needs to be done. Many help to train employees to better handle billing, coding and reimbursement issues. They may also help to analyze workflow in doctors’ offices, to see what can be changed and improved. Depending on their expertise, medical billing consulting services may also introduce new computer or software solutions to a doctor’s practice to make finances and billing easier.

Medical billing consulting services are able to take on the load of administrative concerns, so that doctors and staff can concentrate on treating patients. They handle billing of insurance companies, managed care networks, Medicare and other government agencies, and worker’s compensation. Many are also experts in electronic billing, including electronic claims and collections.

Before choosing a medical billing consultant, a physician should consider what services he or she really needs. Some medical billing consulting services will charge per service, allowing the doctor to pick and choose what the practice really needs in a modular fashion. Others offer a “package deal”, offering to take over all financial aspects of the practice for a set fee.

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