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PHI – Is Yours Safe?

PHI – Is Yours Safe?

Billing and reimbursements are the life’s blood of any practice. They keep the offices up and running. Without proper claims submissions and payments, there would be no money to run the practice. PHI is a big element when submitting claims. Keeping PHI safe is important for your patients’ safety and the longevity of your practice.

PHI information is confidential information that only your patient, you, and covered entities should have access to. This medical billing PHI would include a patient’s social security number, diagnosis, treatment plan, medical history, and other personal and pertinent information.

Since the content of your medical billing claims is so sensitive, it is important to always hire trustworthy individuals within your office for handling this information. Likewise, the handling of your medical billing paperwork should be treated as highly confidential material. Make sure the information is backed by password sensitive files and always kept behind lock and key.

When you choose to outsource your medical billing claims, make sure the firm you use has your patients’ privacy and security of their information as one of the highest priorities. Many medical billing firms now send and receive data through secure transmissions only that are digitally encrypted for additional security.

Your patients trust your practice with their personal information, make sure your medical billing company uses technology that is trustworthy as well and if they don’t it is time to make a switch to a medical billing firm that can not only handle your claims but credentialing and practice management too.

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