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Quick Submission Equals Quick Reimbursement

Quick Submission Equals Quick Reimbursement

There are many issues that can affect your medical billing claim turn around time. ED visits are notorious for having slow claim submissions and incomplete records. And there are some factors you simply cannot manage. Electronic filing versus paper filing is one thing you can control. Medical billing is much quicker if electronic charts are used.

As soon as your patient presents in your clinic, the medical billing clock begins to tick. Every piece of information that is gathered from the time of arrival, until a treatment is successful is put into a file. These medical records are used for medical billing many times. Incomplete medical records or the lacking documentation about why a certain a procedure was performed, could lead to slow claim submission and medical billing reimbursement.

Using electronic charts and electronic medical billing claim submission may be a solution to help speed up your claims processing. If you send your claims to a medical billing firm, sending those documents by mail will take much longer than submitting them electronically. The medical billing company can intern, submit the finished claim to the payer electronically.

Your time equals dollars. The quicker you code your patients’ claims, the quicker your medical billing documents can get submitted. As soon as those medical billing documents are submitted, your reimbursement will soon follow. Everything else is going electronic; your medical billing claims should also be as convenient to file as possible.

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