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Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Billing

Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Billing

In a busy practice, the attending physicians have no time to compile their own medical billing. Keeping up the with lightening fast coding changes is hard enough without keeping up with the necessary documentation, making judgment calls on complex issues and then coding and compiling a superbill for each and every patient seen.

This sounds overwhelming and time consuming and in the early days of many a practice, many physicians did do their own medical billing. Good practices grow and soon the doctor had hired someone to take care of paperwork and submission of all their medical billing claims. This person is usually called a PA or physician assistants.

It wasn’t so long ago that medical billing was a minor – if it played a role at all – part of a PA’s job. Medical billing was still in its infancy and PA’s concentrated on assisting with medical and overall office procedures. The small amount of medical billing that did take place was left to the physicians. Today, however, medical billing can account for 50 to 80 % of a PA’s job, with many physicians hiring PA’s who work exclusively on medical billing.

A good reason to outsource your medical billing is not only for the fact it will free up the PA to help you run your practice, in most cases doctors see a drop in the rate of denied and rejected claims and a healthy increase in the speed of reimbursement of your medical billing claims.

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