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Sutures-Get Your Reimbursements

Sutures-Get Your Reimbursements

If you have had V58.3 denials in the recent past, it’s probably due to your method of reporting the procedure on your superbill instead of an unnecessary procedure.

Make sure that you report V58.3 as a two-line entry. Instead of “dressing change/suture removal”. Additionally, the coming ICD-9 2007 changes that will go into effect on October 1st will also have more specifics for reporting in this series. This will include three aftercare types.

Remember that V58.3 is no longer a catchall coding for these procedures. The new codings will be as follows:
* Nonsurgical wound dressing change or removal–V58.30

* Surgical wound dressing change or removal–V58.31

* Suture removal–V58.32.

Payers will still require that you submit the proper documentation to back up the usage of this coding and medical necessity, but the ability to be more procedure specific will result in a lessening of medical billing claims being denied.

If you want to take the headache out of keeping up with deletions and additions to your medical billing, consider outsourcing your medical billing to a company that will keep up with the coming changes in the medical billing industry to make sure you always get the biggest and fastest reimbursements on your medical billing claims.

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