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The Best Way to Handle EOB

The Best Way to Handle EOB

The goal of any medical billing firm is to receive a correct check and correct explanation of benefits (EOB) from an insurance company. Sometimes this is easier said then done. Many times the EOB goes one place and the check goes another. There are two basic ways this can be handled:

The first method is an example of a practice that compiles their own medical billing. In this case, it is beneficial to make sure a check and EOB are sent to the practice. This prevents future problems with remainders owed. It also makes sure the physician gets paid, instead of having a check sent to the patient and hoping they pay the office. This method keeps everyone organized and honest.

The second example is perhaps the most efficient because it requires a firm to outsource their medical billing. In this case, a copy of the check and EOB are sent to the medical billing company. They record the necessary details and make sure the EOB and check match.

Medical billing is a time consuming process that begins with a patient’s visit and doesn’t end until full payment is made for that visit. The use of a medical billing firm can eliminate some of the headache by allowing your office personnel time to spend more time on customer service and internal office logistics. Leave the medical billing to someone else.

Setting up an organized EOB system is one of the missions of a medical billing company. The right EOB methods will make your practice run smoothly.

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