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Top Notch Coding Strategies for Radiology

Top Notch Coding Strategies for Radiology

There are a number of changes in the niche of Intervention Radiology that many radiologists are not taking full advantage of, and that is costing them in the form of lower reimbursements.

Many radiologists avoid billing for E/M services even when they are warranted as until recent times, many carriers would not consider the intervention radiology as part of an individual claim and it was bundled into other services. With careful documentation and proper coding, you can get reimbursed for several services you currently perform and even perhaps perform for free.

Another way to get reimbursed for certain services you may not currently receiving payment for is to phase them in. By bringing them in slowly and having ironclad medical necessity and detailed documentation, you can find yourself getting reimbursed for many of the services you perform. Additionally, use modifiers. These can help you get better reimbursements for all the services you perform when you show the chain of medical necessity for each of your services.

You work hard and you do a good job, make sure you get reimbursed ethically for all your services. Make sure you have all the documentation for all the services and your medical billing runs in a logical order – it’s an easy way to check your claims and it will help you get better reimbursements.

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