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Why Use OMG?

Why Use OMG?

Medical billing is a complex process that if not done correctly, can lead to a loss of revenue and underpayment on your claims. Outsourcing your medical billing can help eliminate some of these losses. There are several benefits to using a medical billing company.

Studies have shown that nearly one-third of all medical services are never reimbursed to the health care provider. This is due to poor follow-up to insurance companies and to patients themselves for medical practices. Too often, medical office personnel are stretched to their limits. They are responsible for medical billing, advertising, scheduling, and customer service. Medical billing companies can alleviate some of this stress by taking the responsibility of billing away from the office so they can focus more on the customers themselves.

Another benefit to using a medical billing company is accuracy of claims. By outsourcing medical billing, it means that professionals who specifically specialize in medical billing will handle claims. Errors tend to be made when a person is required to do multiple tasks. Many medical billing companies even electronically run the claims through a system that checks for errors. This alone prevents many medical billing headaches.

By outsourcing medical billing there may be room for you to cut back on employee salaries and expenditures. Less total man-hours will be needed to do the same workload. This means, you either cut back on each employee’s hours or make individual changes to their current duties. Either way, outsourcing medical billing will save your practice money.

Make sure your company is not getting reimbursed for only 70% of services rendered. In order to financially make use of your in-house employees more resourcefully and efficiently, outsourcing medical billing is the answer for you.

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