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The Upcoming Changes to Power Mobility Devices are Clarified by CMS

The Upcoming Changes to Power Mobility Devices are Clarified by CMS

Power mobility devices (PMD) have become a very big business and also given patients a new lease on life by being able to get around in an easier fashion. Previous reports had stated Medicare would no longer pay for PMD devices, however Medicare will still pay for a Group 2 power mobility device (PMD) when appropriate according to a memo released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

A fact sheet released by CMS on Sept. 20 clarifies this as saying many facilities misinterpreted that medical billing claims for PMD devices would not be paid, however that is not correct. When the new statues went into effect on October 1, 2006 they included that Group 2 PMD claims (for general use) will in fact be covered.

This new clarification pushed up the implementation date for the new CMS changes regarding PMD items and the new date of service will begin on or after November 15, 2006. The feds are expected to amend the local coverage determination issued by the DME Medicare Administrative Contractors, making the interpretation official and binding.

The clarified LCD will be issued by the durable medical equipment (DME) Program Safeguard Contractor (PSC) Medical Directors, says CMS, adding that the clarified LCD, has been adopted by the DME Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs).

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