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Changes To CMN’s Coming

Changes To CMN’s Coming

Medical Billing News: Changes To CMNs Coming

When performing medical billing, October 25, 2005 will create more money for certain medical practices. Beginning in October, new regulations dealing with Power Mobility Devices will need to be implemented. These new regulations may be a hassle to implement, but will come with medical billing rewards.

The CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) will require a physician to see a patient face-to-face prior to writing a prescription for a power mobility device. This new medical billing rule does not apply to all durable medical equipment, just power mobility devices.

There are some changes that will make medically billing power mobility devices easier. Physicians will no longer need to sign a certificate of medical necessity for these devices. Also, the old medical billing requirement that only physical medicine specialists can prescribe PMDs will no longer be the case. Non-specialists will be able to write prescriptions for these devices.

You many be wondering, “What’s the hassle?” Here it is! For medical billing purposes, a physician that writes a prescription for power mobility devices must provide copies of patients’ files and the written prescription to the wheelchair supplier. In order for the supplier to medically bill for the PMD, the documentation from the physician must be on file prior to billing.

This does seem like a lot of work to do just for power mobility devices. Don’t worry. Your practice can get reimbursed for this service by medically billing for it. A new G code will be created. It will be designed so that physicians can medically bill for the services providing documentation to PMD suppliers. This will pay about $21.60 in 2005. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.

There are so many medical billing changes coming into effect in October of 2005. To prepare for these drastic changes, a medical billing firm may be able to assist. The important thing is to keep up on all medical billing changes. if practices were unaware of this additional reimbursement, they may have lost hundreds of dollars a year. Accurate medical billing is a necessity for medical practices.

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