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Aural Rehab Not Reimbursed?

Aural Rehab Not Reimbursed?

Medical billing changes occur throughout each and every year and keeping up with those changes can be confusing. Aural Rehabilitation has become one major area of confusion since the 2006 update. The medical billing changes to Aural Rehab CPT codes has wrongly caused many people to believe Aural Rehabilitation is no longer a reimbursable service.

Medicare actually assigned status code “I” to all new medical billing codes for auditory rehabilitation. These codes are 92630 and 92633. This means that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will not pay for auditory rehabilitation, only diagnostic audiology. However, this is only true if an audiologist performs the service and the medical billing.

There are several other medical professionals that could possibly perform medical billing for aural rehabilitation. A speech language pathologist is one example of a provider who could get reimbursed by CMS for aural rehab.

It is important when reviewing new medical billing changes not to jump to any conclusions. If you did this, you could be missing out on money. For example, there may still be speech pathologists who perform aural rehabilitation, but don’t perform medical billing for the service. Having a partner firm to help your staff review and alert you of any coming changes that will affect your reimbursements is invaluable.

Not to mention that hiring a medical billing firm to review new coding changes and to handle your claims will take a lot of the paper-chase and workload off your in-house office staff. Get a free consultation and find out exactly how much of your reimbursements you’ve been missing through handling your own medical billing, most practices are astounded to learn they are losing up to 25% of their revenue through unpaid claims that are simply filed incorrectly or procedures that could be billed separately.

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