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Separating Payments on Separate Tests Performed

Separating Payments on Separate Tests Performed

Did you know that you can actually bill separate tests performed from your practice for separate payments? Certain practices have been taking advantage of larger reimbursements by doing just that. Say that you have a patient that is new to your practice and they are coming in for an exam. You can both bill for that exam and then bill separate for any other tests or screenings that they will be having performed.

Although you may feel as though you are doing something wrong when it comes to medical billing practices such as these. However, the important Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services have been doing a good amount of research in this area. In turn, they will be sending out a wealth of information to be able to explain separate billing procedures for the hopes of better reimbursements down the road. This will help all medical practices learn a few new tricks when it comes to setting up their medical billing.

If you would like another example, if you have a patient who will be coming in for a check up and they will then be scheduled for diabetes testing, this can be billed separately. This can even be done if the patient seems to have been at prior risk for diabetes.

This is a great way to recoup losses you may have previously suffered by bundling separate testing claims. Separate out your services whenever possible and get the reimbursement you deserve for your patient services.

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