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Definity Still Definitely a Problem in 2007

Definity Still Definitely a Problem in 2007

The injectable contract agent named Perflutren better known as Definity has caused a lot of confusion as many providers are billing the incorrect code and Medicare and most other large payors switched the code for this service in late 2005 and 2 years later it’s still showing up on medical billing and causing numerous delays and rejections on medical billing reimbursements. If you’re a service provider that is still billing A9700, you could face delays in getting paid–or even denials on your medical billing claims.

If the carrier approves the main echocardiography procedure, then it will usually approve the use of Definity as contrast. If you are not sure of the current policies of the carrier that is being billed, put all doubt to the side and verify directly with the carrier that parts of the procedure will be covered and additionally what code they are approving for the use of Definity.

Make sure your medical billing documentation outlines the reason and necessity for the use of Definity and it’s a good idea to show the steps leading up to the use of the contrast agent to show how the need was established.

Sending a doctor’s letter is another way to establish the necessity of the procedure and try to show the need for coverage of the procedure. This will up your chances of reimbursement for the service.

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