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Don’t Be Baffled By Long Term Care Claims!

Don’t Be Baffled By Long Term Care Claims!

Long term care medical billing has it’s own set of nuances that must be followed in order to ensure that you receive proper reimbursements for the services you provide. Since nearly every patient you treat will have a long term history of care – it’s sometimes tempting to skimp on the medical documentation and necessity but since you have no way of knowing who is going to review your claim, you need to handle every claim as a fully individual manner complete with full documentation or you may wind up with partially paid claims or outright denials of your medical billing claims.

One important thing to learn is when you should also list a diagnosis code for the wound in I3. The I3 is important to complete when you’re doing medical billing for long term care patients as it reports additional conditions that affect a patient’s health.

Since pressure ulcers are extremely common in long term care for patients that are invalids, there is a Section M that provides options for identifying both pressure ulcers and stasis ulcers but not for other types of ulcers. If another type of ulcer is to be reported on your medical billing claim, use the form and then also list the corresponding ICD-9 codes at I3, says Smith. In this case, you should list:

A confusing part of medical billing for long term care comes from the I3 itself where some I3 coding training indicates that you don’t need to include diagnoses codes for conditions that are addressed elsewhere on the MDS. However, many carriers, including Medicare do require that the type of wound be specifically spelled out. Additionally, once the ulcer is healed, be certain to take it out of section I3.

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