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Therapy Medical Billing Denials Questionable

Therapy Medical Billing Denials Questionable

Therapy Medical Billing Denials Questionable

With therapy on the rise, medical billing for this service has increased. Each year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expects home care spending to rise. This rise in costs will make accurate medical billing a must for home health agencies.

Rising home health costs will probably raise some eyebrows at the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. Over the next year, this commission may closely examine therapy medical billing and see if there is any room for improvement.

Recently, the HHS Office of Inspector General compiled three medical billing audits. In each of these audits, therapy charges were frequently denied. These claims made up much of the medical billing. Now MedPAC will take a look at the reasons for these denials. Medical billing improvements must be made.

Apparently the three audits suggest that fewer resources were needed to achieve the same results of care for many patients. When figuring the correct payments for Medicare medical billing payments, these facts are important to keep in mind.

Keeping compliant with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is an integral part of becoming a successful medical practice. As long as your medical billing claims are deemed necessary by Medicare, then you should be fine. However, the increased therapy costs may urge the agency to keep a closer eye on spending. Just be sure that all of your medical billing for home health therapy is medically necessary and accurately claimed. Without both elements, your medical billing claims will be denied.

If you want to make sure your claims are as accurate as possible, hire a medical billing firm. They will handle your coding issues and unresolved claims. These medical billing companies can contact troublesome payers and handle nonpaying patients. Medical billing companies are a doctor’s best friend.

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