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EHR Dissatisfaction is Contributing to Provider Burnout

EHR Dissatisfaction is Contributing to Provider Burnout

“I am a daily user of two EHR systems. One is a community hospital based complex EHR, and one is a cloud and iPad based EHR that we use in our private practice. The private practice-based EHR is much more user friendly and adapts well to our practice.

I am what you would consider a “power-user” on our community hospital based EHR, and spend a fair amount of time helping other members of the medical staff better understand and use it. The integrated dictation, patient education, auto-population of data, and macros are just a few of the elements of the EHR that make my life easier, and has the potential of making all members of medical staff more productive in patient care.

The hospital-based EHR is the most frustrating for providers to learn and use. It goes without saying that the learning curve for our institutional EHR is steep. I have used every iteration of the present inpatient software since 2009. It would be accurate to state that this software has evolved significantly and substantially in the right direction.

EHRs were not implemented to assist provider in patient care. They were implemented to gather data for the “system,” and for reimbursement of care on the institutional level. The needs of the provider were a distant and mostly secondary consideration as EHRs were implemented and modified…”


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