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CMS adds 85 more Medicare telehealth services and codes

CMS adds 85 more Medicare telehealth services and codes

Becker’s Hospital Review posted that CMS issued various regulatory changes on March 30 to further support hospitals’, physicians’ and other healthcare organizations’ capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, including expanding Medicare coverage of telehealth visits. 

On March 17, the Trump administration announced CMS will temporarily pay clinicians to provide telehealth services for beneficiaries during the pandemic. CMS is now expanding Medicare coverage of 85 additional services provided via telehealth, including emergency department visits and initial nursing facility and discharge visits. 

Here are the 85 additional services, and their respective codes, that CMS will cover when provided via telehealth through the duration of the pandemic: 

1. 77427: radiation management
2. 90853: group psychotherapy
3. 90953: end stage renal disease, one visit per month, ages 2 and younger
4. 90959: end stage renal disease, one visit per month, ages 12-19
5. 90962: end stage renal disease, one visit per month, ages 20 and older
6. 92057: speech/hearing therapy
7. 92521: evaluation of speech fluency
8. 92522: evaluation speech production
9. 92523: speech sound language comprehension
10. 92524: behavioral quality voice analysis
11. 96130: psychological test evaluation phys/qhp 1st
12. 96131: psychological test evaluation phys/qhp ea
13. 96132: neuropsychological testing evaluation phys/qhp 1st
14. 96133: neuropsychological testing evaluation phys/qhp ea
15. 96136: psychological and neurological testing phy/qhp 1s
16. 96137: psychological and neurological testing phy/qhp ea
17. 96138: psychological and neurological tech phy/qhp ea
18. 96139: psychological and neurological testing tech ea
19. 97110: therapeutic exercises
20. 97112: neuromuscular re-education
21. 97116: gait training therapy
22. 97161: physical therapy evaluation low complexity, 20 min
23. 97162: physical therapy evaluation moderate complexity, 30 min
24. 97163: physical therapy evaluation high complexity, 45 min
25. 97164: physical therapy re-evaluation establish plan care
26. … Read the entire article and list of new services here.


Full list of services payable by Medicare when furnished via telehealth


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