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Five Tips for Better Meetings, Communication is Key

Nearly all practices can benefit from improved communication. In this column, I’ll be sharing some tips for making meetings productive and efficient. Reaching out to groups within your practice can improve morale, invigorate and encourage problem solving, and generally make your work life more pleasant and profitable. 1) Reinforce what is important and solidify culture. Any opportunity to communicate with a group is an opportunity to build a common understanding of the goals and challenges facing the practice. Without this holistic understanding, how can you expect staff to show any initiative beyond their narrow job description? Accordingly, be sure to point out how staff’s activities advance your strategic objectives and

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Harnessing Effective EHR Use for Improved Patient Care

Improving EHR use can help reduce physician burnout and strengthen the patient care process. When healthcare providers understand how to best leverage new technologies and are able to adopt and implement an integrated EHR system, both patients and providers will benefit. That has been Kaiser Permanente’s top goal with its EHR safety net programs, looking to reduce errors in the diagnostic process. Kaiser Permanente has developed a total 54 EHR safety net programs, which are collectively called KP SureNet. The programs have helped to close major care gaps over the past few years. Michael Kanter, MD, Medical Director, Quality and Clinical Analysis, Southern California Permanente Medical Group explained to

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3 Key Tips for Ensuring a Smooth EHR Replacement

Physician and nursing dissatisfaction with an EHR system could lead to long-lasting problems within a healthcare organization, such as fueling administrative burnout and patient engagement. Opting for an EHR replacement is not a decision that should be made lightly, and organizations often look toward new options when they begin to encounter certain issues, both technical and cultural. A smooth EHR replacement process is not always guaranteed, and organizations will need to make well-informed decisions throughout the entire implementation process. Each healthcare organization is different, and will have varying requirements when it comes to EHR selection. But considering the needs of physician and nurses, finding an EHR system to meet an

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Do you study the competition of your practice?

No matter how new or old your medical practice is, it is important to identify your competitors and evaluate their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own. Understanding the competition is a crucial business activity for any physician owner. Some practices hire professionals to track competitors and assess the competitive landscape on a regular basis. But it doesn’t always have to be a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive process—particularly given the new wealth of data that can be assembled using the internet. By investing even a small amount of time, physician practices of any size can develop a framework for making competitive assessments, gather intelligence

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Collaboration Can Aid EHR Use and Adoption in Behavioral Health

Perceived ease of EHR use and perceived usefulness of the technology itself are driving factors toward EHR adoption with physicians in behavioral health, according to a recent study. However, there is still resistance to EHR adoption within behavioral health, which could be eased through greater collaboration. Working collaboratively to mitigate concerns about workflow burden can help improve attitudes toward EHR use, explained a study published in AHIMA’s Perspectives in Health Information Management. Additionally, collaboration can “demonstrate the value of EHRs to improve professional practice, efficiency, safety, effectiveness, and patient outcomes.” “Despite the advances in and wide availability of health information technology, many behavioral healthcare clinicians have not adopted EHRs,” wrote

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