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OMG and Overseas Billing Outsourcing!

OMG and Overseas Billing Outsourcing!

I thought this deserved at the very least, a small mention here. We receive emails and phone calls almost daily trying to get us to outsource our billing to some company overseas. It is getting so bad that it seems to me that everyone in India must be sitting in a room somewhere putting data into a computer for probably a very minimal income, while the owners of such companies get rich.

I also feel it should be mentioned that we have taken a number of clients who have some serious dissatisfaction with american companies who do outsource overseas. They mentioned complaints of no payment, slow payment and more.

My problem is with the logistics of the whole thing, who is in charge of the overseas operation? If you outsource overseas then you are not in charge.

Can a client ever speak to the staff who actually does their billing? It is my opinion that there are too many steps between the physician and the actual billers to ever be able to speak to them, not to mention that they probably do not speak your language to begin with.

Do you feel comfortable sending your clients private information and financial well-being to a company that you can’t even see and really don’t know? Not me, I could never be comfortable with that, and doesn’t outsourcing overseas pose some HIPAA issues? Do they have the same laws?

What do you do if you have to use a lawyer in the event that the unthinkable happens? Would you have to go to court overseas? That can’t be cheap and may not even be worth it, or is that the idea, it would cost you so much to regain any losses you might incur that you probably wouldn’t do it at all.

Not to mention, won’t shipping become a much bigger factor if you had to send everything overseas? I don’t see how it wouldn’t be alot more, and the way I see it we spend enough now just sending in the US.

This is just my thoughts and opinions on outsourcing overseas and even more of a guarantee that Outsource Management Group, LLC will never outsource overseas and we will never become known as Overseas Outsource Management Group, LLC.

If you are an american billing company who outsources your billing to India or some where else overseas, I wish you luck but will not feel sorry if it goes wrong! It seems like a huge risk putting your business and client satisfaction in the hands of someone else, but you already knew that.

My feeling is this, Physicians practicing in america should be able to have their billing services done in america.

If you are sending me the emails to try to get me to outsource overseas, you now know that we are never going to, so please stop spamming your email to billing companies who are not interested!

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Our Readers Have Left 4 Comments!

  1. Anonymous says:

    keep your billing programs here at home, not over seas

  2. Melissa Clark says:

    As you can see from the article, I completely agree, US billing should be done in the US not overseas, overseas outsourcing creates a whole host of concerns.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a coder who’s company does outsource some of its coding to India. I do not agree with outsourcing at all. India does not have HIPPA rules and there has already been documented cases of these people overseas threatening to publicize medical records unless payment is not recieved (blackmail). Not to mention it puts jobs here in the USA in jeopardy. I have seen too many coding mistakes and too many loopholes with outsourcing, this is the worst thing a company can do its clients since it poses too much of a risk, not to mention it is downright unamerican.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You Said: As you can see from the article, I completely agree, US billing should be done in the US not overseas: This argument is similar to the one saying only Ford, GM and Chrysler should be allowed to sale cars here in the US , even with the problems of high input costs, low product quality and militant unions.

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