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Better Training, Better Billing, Better Reimbursement

Better Training, Better Billing, Better Reimbursement

Better Training, Better Billing, Better Reimbursement

Medical billing staff members should be highly skilled. The better the training, the more accurate your claims and reimbursements will be. Medicare Part A can be difficult for even the most skilled medical billing staff members to grasp. There are some simple things any medical billing personnel should know about Medicare Part A.

Any mistake in the medical billing arena can not only cost you big bucks, but can also get you tangled up in the law. It is important to make sure your staff members understand consolidated billing for Part A. There are many things that are only excluded in Part A when the hospital provides the service. These services include: computerized axial topography scans, cardiac catheterizations, ambulatory surgery in an operating room, MRI, emergency room services, radiation therapy, angiography, and lymphatic & venous procedures.

No medical billing personnel member will understand the procedures to the fullest of their abilities unless they are properly trained. Extensive training may seem time consuming and costly, but it will save you money in the long run. If your staff know how to file claims correctly, you will get correct reimbursements in a timely manner.

Some practices like to go about medical billing in a different way. Medical billing firms can be utilized for claim responsibilities. This would alleviate your practice of your training duties and transfer those onto the medical billing company. Using one of these firms would free up time for your staff members to have more one-on-one time with the patients. The health care industry is very personal. If your staff are allowed to make a personal connection with your patients, business will improve.

Don’t look at medical billing training as a negative thing. The more time you invest in medical billing training, the better off your practice will be in the long run.

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