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New Codes For Home Health Medical Billing

New Codes For Home Health Medical Billing

New Codes For Home Health Medical Billing

The Home Health consolidated medical billing list is being updated. In an effort to smooth out the changes of moving to a new coding system, there have been some new home health service codes added to the repertoire. In addition to five new medical billing codes, there will be three supply home health consolidated billing codes that will disappear.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services have made it clear that home health services are not being redefined. The services still mean the same things. The only reason medical billing consolidated codes are being added and dropped is due to the new coding system. The system requires changes in order to function correctly.

The brand new medical billing codes are A4412 (Ostomy pouch, drainable, high output, for use on a barrier with flange), A6457 (Tubular dressing with or without elastic, any width, per linear yard), A4363 (Ostomy clamp, any type, replacement only, each), A5120 ( Skin barrier, wipes or swabs, each), and A4411 (Ostomy skin barrier, solid 4X4 or equivalent, extended wear, with built-in convexity, each). Some of these medical billing codes are brand new, and some of them replace other old codes.

The medical billing codes that will disappear from the consolidated billing list are A5119 (Skin barrier wipes box pr), A6025 (Gel sheet for dermal or epidermal application), and A4656 (Needle, any size each). At this time, these are the only home health medical billing codes changing. So far therapy medical billing codes are not changing.

These new changes to the medical billing system could present problems to your practice unless your personnel is properly trained. Medical billing staff need to be well versed in all changes and where to locate the new codes. Mistakes on claims could mean nonpayment. Since medical billing changes are quite frequent, be sure your staff know where to look for new additions and deletions. Accuracy is of utmost importance on claims. Be sure you know the new home health codes and your medical billing should be fine for the time being.

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