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Medical Billing News for Home Health Agency

Medical Billing News for Home Health Agency

Medical Billing News for Home Health Agency

Medical billing is starting to look bright for a post acute service provider. LHC Group Inc. is a post acute service provider who recently purchased 67% of the home health agency, Stanocola. The combined medical billing reimbursement of the two companies is expected to exceed $6.2 million.

The purchasing company, LHC Group Inc. was originally primarily the provider for post acute services. Medical billing was done for facility, home based, and hospice care. However, this company decided it wanted to fully branch out its medical billing to include home health care. This is the reason they purchased Stanocola Home Health.

Stanocola Home Health is the home health agency that treats around 130 patients. In 2005, the company netted $2.2 million in revenue. LHC Group, Inc saw some major potential in this small home health agency. They hope to improve upon the medical billing and health care practices for the future.

The new merged home health company will keep the two offices located in Baton Rouge. They will perform medical billing and health care services for around 600,000 people in this area.

To compete with large companies, it is important to stand out from the crowd. This means you should have exemplary customer service, quality health care, and low prices. Low prices are only possible if you have low overhead costs. One way to lower your costs is to hire a medical billing company. Medical billing companies can eliminate your need for claims staff. This means you will not have to directly pay staff members salaries, vacation pay, sick leave, or hospital pay. All salary costs are left in the hands of the medical billing firms. Lower your stress level and your costs by hiring a medical billing firm to take care of your claims needs.

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