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What Does A Non-compliance Claim Really Do?

What Does A Non-compliance Claim Really Do?

What Does A Non-compliance Claim Really Do?

If you think medical billing non-compliance is something that you can forget, think again. Nursing homes, especially, may see more instances of past non-compliance issues coming back to haunt them. Not only do you need to be aware of current compliant issues, but keep track of your old non-compliant instances as well.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that state surveyors should not only investigate current noncompliance medical billing issues, but also past noncompliance. This means that if a surveyor comes to your nursing home for a visit, your past medical billing noncompliant issues may come back to haunt you. The moral of the story: Be prepared!

The surveyors are told to first look at current issues, but after researching those, they must look towards past noncompliance. Although the noncompliance of medical billing is looked at second, it will still have some bearing on your future. If you are found still noncompliant with a past problem, you may be labeled as having a systemic problem. The future of your nursing home could be in jeopardy if your medical billing and policy is not up to par.

To be sure your medical billing is in working order, an outside firm could be of assistance. You could hire a medical billing firm to do many things. They can work with you on a consulting basis, or completely take over your medical billing tasks. Either way, they can provide you with much needed information and expertise that will ensure CMS compliance. A medical billing firm will take one load off of your back, while you work on keeping your Nursing home policies up to par. One noncompliant medical billing or policy issue can make the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services keep you under close tabs forever.

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