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Performing Medical Billing for a Deceased Patient

Performing Medical Billing for a Deceased Patient

Performing Medical Billing for a Deceased Patient

Medical billing reimbursement in is allowed for deceased patients before occupying a hospital room. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services altered and updated their policy on July 03, 2005. Medical billing coding not only affects your bottom line, but also weight calculations for the DRG.

Since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services changed their policy, the American Hospital Association (AHA) has asked the agency for further explaination and clarification of the policy. Medicare says that they consider a patient inpatient as soon as the doctor’s written order requests it. No matter if the patient dies before being assigned or not, room and board may be claimed for medical billing reimbursement.

Although it seems harsh to receive medical billing reimbursement for a patient’s death, it is the only way the system works correctly. Future diagnosis related group calculations are at stake when you fail to report medical billing reimbursement on a deceased patient.

It is very important that your medical billing staff members be educated on the correct procedures to follow. Sometimes common sense is not the answer. For example, most people’s common sense would tell them not to bill for room and board for a deceased patient before admission. They would be incorrect. Ongoing staff training is necessary for a successful medical billing department.

A successful medical billing department has many attributes. First of all, the coding should be impeccable. The medical billing staff members should know the correct coding policies to follow. Another attribute is quick submissions. The quicker your medical billing department can submit a claim, the faster you will receive payment. The medical billing department is one of the most important departments in your facility or practice. Treat your medical billing staff members like gold, and you will receive gold in return.

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